Berisha finding ways to keep fit at home


Besart Berisha is missing football as much as anyone.

The Hyundai A-League season was brought to a temporary halt several weeks ago due to the COVID-19 situation.

And Berisha is doing what he can at home to prepare for the resumption of football.

“I’m lucky I have some things at home so I can keep myself fit,” Berisha told Fox Sports News.

“I have a treadmill and some weights. I sometimes use my kids as weights. But they are not very heavy so it doesn’t help much.

“It’s not easy because we’re used to working hard every day so it’s not easy for us to stay home.

“But I’m trying my best and I believe everyone should try to do the right thing and stay home.”

The A-League’s all-time leading scorer is looking for the positives during this period, hoping the league, once safe to do so, will return.

“I try to see the positives. I try to believe the league will continue. I’m trying to keep fit and trying to run.

“I really hope we find a way [to finish].

“We are a great country; we have great sports here and I hope we find a way to finish the season.

“I really hope in these challenging times that we stick together.”

Berisha added that he’s happy with how Western United have performed on and off the field this season and how glad he is to be back in Australia.

“I was very happy with the performances and the way we dealt with the season.

“I believe the club tried everything since day one to help the players and support the players and to create a great mentality.

“I am so happy to be back in Australia with this club.”

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