E-sports surging, says Western United’s E-League star Omer Cenk


Saturday’s crucial matchday 2 in the E-League serves as a timely reminder of the growth of e-sports, says Western United E-League player Omer Cenk (N8_Cenk).

“E-sports at the moment, is probably a bit misunderstood. People probably forget how big it actually is and how big it’s going to be,” Cenk tells www.wufc.com.au

“Some people make more from e-sports than some do from full-time jobs.

“It’s got a lot of potential… if you’ve got talent, you can go a long way.”

Omar Cenk

The Western United boys are also hoping to go a long way in this their first season in the Green and Black. And with the E-League part of a global series of qualifiers, anything is possible. 

Cenk and prodigy 16-year-old Dylan Campbell (N8_Dylan) will be shooting for history on Saturday by helping Western United to qualify for May’s finals in Melbourne.

“This week has been all about practice, getting the muscle memory for Saturday,” said Cenk.

“I’m pretty confident. Dylan’s a little machine and one to watch for the next few years.

“It’s been good, man, it’s been a pleasure representing Western United. I can only see it going up from here.

“I’m a bit more experienced but Dylan has a long career ahead of him,” he added. 

And with a truncated E-League fixture list over two weekends rather than the previous incarnation over nine weeks, it’s all about focus on the day.

“I’m feeling confident. I think we should pull through on MD2.

“You only get around an hour between the games to regroup. Overall the format is an improvement.

“FIFA as an e-sport is all about your mental strength,” Cenk said.