John Aloisi gets to work on first day at Western United

John Aloisi portrait

John Aloisi has finally arrived in Melbourne and taken to the training pitch with Western United for the first times since he was appointed head coach earlier in July.

Speaking to club media on his first day at the training ground, Aloisi said he was excited to meet the players and staff, but insisted it was straight to work for everyone involved.

“It (first day) was really good, it was exciting to be here to be part of this team, this club. My first impressions were good,” he said.

“Today we began to get across some of our team structures and the way we want to play. The boys were very energetic.

“The message day one was how we want to play our football – it’s really important they understand that – but also it’s the way that we want to act as a team and as a club. As a group, we want to do well together.

“It’s only the beginning but my first day was great. It’s a long pre-season but there is a lot of work to be done still.”

Aloisi’s arrival at the club coincided with the announcement from the APL that the A-League season for 2021/22 will start on October 30.

He said that the date gives him and the players something to be working towards, maintaining that full focus is on being prepared for the opening round.

“It’s great that we finally know the start date of the A-League season, we have something to aim for now in pre-season,” he said.

“We have our mind set on that October 30 start date. We can’t wait for it.”

Aloisi will continue to strengthen the squad throughout the pre-season, with FFA Cup fixtures and friendly matches to come ahead of the new campaign.