Match Day Info: Melbourne City vs Western United


If you’re coming to the game tomorrow night, there are a few things fans need to be aware of due to the stadium COVIDSafe guidelines put in place.

Changes to Away Support

We are unable to have an Active fan area at this Saturday’s match against Melbourne City at AAMI Park. This decision has been made by Melbourne Olympic Parks (M&OP) and the Victorian Government following a review of the M&OP COVIDSafe Operating plan.

The away bay category will be re-allocated across four away supporter bays in the north west corner of the Stadium. Guests who have been re-allocted will be issued new tickets via SMS text message from Ticketek. Please note not all guests will be re-allocated, so if you do not recieve new tickets your existing tickets remain valid.

We ask that our supporters show their support of the team by following the CovidSafe recommendations set out by the stadium.

We look forward to seeing you at the stadium on Saturday.


Why have active supporter areas been removed?

Melbourne & Olympic Parks is committed to delivering COVIDSafe events, and our priority is the welfare, health and safety of our guests, staff and athletes.

Following a review of AAMI Park’s COVIDSafe operations by Melbourne & Olympic Parks management, our home clubs and our State Government partners, including the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and Victoria Police, it was determined that active supporter areas will not be included at AAMI Park.

The nature of active supporter areas with fans closely congregating, chanting and singing poses a significant risk for the transmission of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

We appreciate that many fans may be disappointed by this decision, however it has been made to ensure all guests can enjoy events in a COVIDSafe way.

When will AAMI Park have active supporter areas again?

Melbourne & Olympic Parks will continue to consult with its home clubs and take advice from relevant State Government departments on the inclusion of active supporter areas in the match day experience for all sports hosted at the Stadium.

What safety measures will be in place at AAMI Park to ensure the welfare of all guests?

Each event has event security staff who manage crowd control. Events will also be attended by Victoria Police.

All guests are asked to comply with venue Conditions of Entry and Chief Health Officer directions while inside AAMI Park. This includes practicing physical distancing and wearing a mask in queues and on venue concourses.

A reserved row, flexible seat model is currently being used for ticketing at AAMI Park. This allows for an even spread of guests throughout the venue, with two seats left between each group. Guests are required to remain in their selected seat for the duration of the event, except for when they are purchasing food and beverage or using the bathroom.

Guests who do not comply with AAMI Park’s conditions of entry and the directions of venue staff and security throughout the event may be evicted and referred to Victoria Police.

How will Melbourne & Olympic Parks prevent guests from congregating inside the venue?

Measures are in place at AAMI Park to ensure guests maintain physical distancing and do not congregate. This includes the presence of event security staff members and strict venue zoning, which prevents guests from moving throughout the entire venue.

Guests who do not comply with the directions of venue security throughout the event may be evicted and referred to Victoria Police.

Is cheering and chanting permitted in other areas of the venue?

Cheering and chanting is part of the game, but we ask that you remain in your seat and be courteous and considerate of those around you.

Stadium management appreciates that some guests may wish to stand and cheer when a goal is scored and ask that guests remain in front of their selected seat.

Melbourne & Olympic Parks recommends guests continue to wear their fitted facemasks in the Stadium while watching the match.