Meet Western United’s stars: Connor Pain


You know Connor Pain for his explosive pace on the pitch. But do you know what he’s like off it?

Who were your previous clubs?

Malvern City, Bentleigh Greens, Melbourne Victory, Central Coast Mariners

Where did you like playing best, and why?

Probably Bentleigh to be fair, because it was my last place before turning pro and I got a lot of experience and just had fun before the pressure of full time playing kicked in – but being a full-time player is such a huge privilege, I love it.

Why do you love football? Did you ever consider any other sport?

Well my grandad was a professional footballer for Newcastle and Northern Ireland, and Dad was an elite Rugby Player – he played scrum-half – so I guess I was always likely to play something. I tried rugby, for sure, I might have made a good winger, and I loved playing golf, but I fell in love with football, and it was my natural fit.

Is there anything you don’t like about being a professional footballer – be honest!

The diplomatic answer is “No!” (laughs) Look: I suppose everyone would say that training every day can be tough, sometimes. But that’s the game. It’s necessary.

What are your dreams for your career from now?

I guess getting into a successful side and being a big part of that – and quickly. I don’t really plan future moves much beyond that. If you do the right thing, day by day, the future will take care of itself. I really believe that.

Why Western United? What do you like about the new Club?

Oh, well, a big part was coming home to Melbourne, of course, but the Boss and the project as a whole just really excited me. The determination to be winners.

What do you do when you’re not playing football? Any special hobbies?

I enjoy a game of golf when I can. I used to play a lot as a kid, but it’s gone away a bit. A need to get a home course and get some practice in. When time permits!

Favourite band?

Tough one. New stuff – Drake? Older stuff? Fleetwood Mac? I like many different types of genres.

Favourite movie?


Favourite football legend – any country, any era?

George Best – my uncle used to show me videos of him when I was little – he was incredible. Simply amazing.

Who did you support as a youngster before you started playing football professionally?

Man United – and my Grandad played for Newcastle! – blame my Mum, she got me into it.