Meet Western United’s stars: Top Gun fan Scott McDonald


The Socceroo, UEFA Champions League and Scottish Premiership striker is well-known for his goals. 

But what is “Macca” like off the park? What are his interests? 

The Western United striker sat down with Stephen Yolland. 

Who were your previous clubs? 

Gippsland Falcons, Southampton, Huddersfield (loan), Bournemouth (loan), Wimbledon, Motherwell, Celtic, Middlesbrough, Millwall, Motherwell (second spell), Dundee United, Partick Thistle.

Where did you like playing best, and why? 

That’s easy – Celtic, for a number of reasons. I was born into supporting them from the day I was born … I lived the dream!

And when I signed for them in 2007 it really couldn’t have gone any better.

I finished the season top scorer with 31 goals, we won the league, I scored the winner against AC Milan in the Champions League.

Like I said, a dream come true.

Why do you love football? Did you ever consider any other sport? 

Yes, I did. I love cricket – I played all ball sports when I was young, like many Aussie kids – loved tennis, too – but I had to choose. 

I was probably about 13, Mum and Dad said you need to choose … so I chose football. But I’m still keen on the cricket – just buzzing to see the guys retain the Ashes.

Is there anything you don’t like about being a professional footballer – be honest! 

Look, we’re very privileged – I love the game – but sometimes the traveling can be a bit much – like in England, we might play Saturday, Tuesday, Saturday, Tuesday and be traveling constantly.

Sometimes you can never sleep in your own bed.

And sometimes the uncertainty about not being able to plan a future can be hard – when that transfer window opens anything can happen, and very fast.

You have to be able to pick up an opportunity and just go with it.

What are your dreams for your career from now? 

I want to play for as long as I want – I won’t be told when to go – I am mentally and physically tough, but I will definitely stay in the game afterward… I might work in media, interviewing or presenting.

I have my coaching badges already – we’ll see.

Why Western United? What do you like about the new club? 

The chance to make history: being in on the start of something big. I’m actually from the South East of Melbourne, but the community over here in the West is simply fantastic, and there are some amazing local clubs.

The engagement and excitement everyone over here has shown for the Club is fantastic – the way they have backed the Club is just great, they really identify with what we’re trying to achieve.

People over here, they stick together in the good times and the bad times. It’s tribal. I love it.

We have a huge responsibility to perform for them and make them proud.

What do you do when you’re not playing football? Any special hobbies? 

I’m a family man – I spend heaps of time with my wife and children.

There is less and less spare time in the game nowadays, and I’m dedicated to my job, so my family gets all of me when I’m not working.

I might try and develop a hobby, my wife says I should! ’Specially now the weather is getting good again.

Your favourite band? 

Too many to choose! I like all sorts of music.

Bruno Mars and Kings of Leon were both great concerts I’ve enjoyed.

That’s a hard one!

Favourite movie? 

Top Gun! I’ve always been a bit of a maverick!

Favourite football legend – any country, any era? 

The Brazilian legend Romario was my first, someone I wanted to be like, a similar stature to me, but perhaps Paolo Di Canio – when he played for Celtic I just fell in love with him. 

Who did you support as a youngster before you started playing football professionally?

I’ve answered that! Celtic.

Always Celtic, no one else! (Oh well, okay, I like the Hawks in AFL, too.)