Meet Western United’s stars: Liverpool fan Andrew Durante


Western United’s defensive leader and Hyundai A-League Championship winner at Newcastle, Andrew Durante, shares his favourite bands, movies, and hobbies. 

Who were your previous clubs? 

Sydney Olympic, Parramatta Power, Balestier Khalsa, Newcastle Jets, Wellington Phoenix, Sydney FC (loan), Western United.

Where did you like playing best, and why? 

Wellington, I was there for 11 years – a very special time for me, at the peak of my career – and we had three daughters born there.

Sydney Olympic was really special for me, and I won a Championship there and I won an A-League championship at Newcastle Jets – and met my wife there, she’s a Novocastrian!

So that was special too.

Why do you love football? Did you ever consider any other sport? 

When I was younger I doubled up in athletics as well – mainly 800 metres and discus – I was OK, but soccer was my biggest love.

 I started at five, my older brother played too, I have loads of friendships in the game. I just love waking up every day and kicking a ball around and playing at a top-level.

Is there anything you don’t like about being a professional footballer – be honest! 

I guess this day and age social media can be a bit much – the access everyone has into your life – it’s not just football that applies to, of course.

Still I welcome friendly and supportive fans, of course.

What are your dreams for your career from now? 

My main focus for this year is to win another championship – life after that, perhaps something in football operations.

Why Western United? What do you like about the new Club? 

I love the ambition, and when I spoke to them their big goals and big dreams came through very clearly – building its culture and values, like we did in Wellington – to say I was here at the beginning is really important to me.

What do you do when you’re not playing football? Any special hobbies? 

With three young daughters, I spend the majority of time with them!

I love to get a game of golf in, but it’s a bit hard with three youngsters … my handicap is going backward.

I probably play off about 18 at the moment.

Favourite band? 


Favourite movie? 

Shawshank Redemption

Favourite football legend – any country, any era? 

Paolo Maldini

Who did you support as a youngster before you started playing football professionally?

The Italian national side – I watched a lot of Serie A growing up – AC Milan was a special favourite but when I understood a bit more, Liverpool.

I am a massive Reds fan.