More than a game: Coaches on falling in love with football

With the start of the Isuzu UTE A-League Men season just over a week away, members of the Western United coaching staff took some time to reflect on their first memories of falling in love with football.

As the Club approaches its third season since its inception, the sense of community being built in the West is reflected in the people involved, and the experiences they have all had.

“You join a football community and it seems like nothing else matters in the world,” said Hayden Foxe, United Assistant Coach.

Starting from scratch three years ago, United is indebted to its people and is committed to continue to strengthen its connection with the regions and people that have made it an already special experience.

“I know the club is building a stadium, a precinct, and somewhere where people know and feel they belong,” Head Coach John Aloisi said.

Assistant Coach John Anastasiadis added: “We’re expanding, the growth has been quite phenomenal in the past three years.”

Football is all about a sense of belonging, feeling like you have a place to go and feel at home. Aloisi described his first club, Adelaide City, as his “second home” growing up.

“I just loved going there and feeling part of something, feeling part of that family,” he said.

“Seeing my brother win the ’92 old National League (NSL), seeing my family in the stands and my dad there celebrating, that was special.”

Strength & conditioning coach Massimo Murdocca looks back with fond memories on his first experience in football.

“I’ll never forget my first session. I rocked up in an AC Milan top and saw everyone else in green. I’ll never forget, the team manager came over with a green top and goes ‘this is yours, mate’. When I joined the club, it just felt like that was my family,” he said.

And that is what Western United is about. It’s fostering a family, a community, a connection that means something more than 11 players on a football field.

“It’s about, first and foremost, the boys performing on the pitch, but then it’s us – living and breathing what football is about – and it’s about togetherness, it’s about growth, and we need our supporters to do that,” Murdocca said.

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