Neda Ivić – Celebrating Western United royalty on a special milestone


On her 50th birthday, the Western United family celebrates the contributions of Neda Ivic – fan, volunteer, and staff member at the club since its inception.

United fans may know Neda from seeing her supporting the team at matches or from behind the merchandise shop on gameday. Neda has been a Western United supporter from the very beginning, attending all fan forums and pre-season matches at George Cross.

Western United’s Merchandise Manager Stephanie Angelos works closely with Neda on gamedays and said Neda’s support is invaluable to her and the club.

“My right arm on game days, the delightful, charismatic Neda. Always passionate in her role, responsible and hardworking but above all… helpful! A super star merchandise retailer with the most delightful smile,” she said.

“I’m blessed to have you as part of my team, and will forever treasure all the crazy times we turned into fun. I would be lost without you! Happy 50th to you Neda (the machine).”

Approximately 11 years ago, Neda was diagnosed with breast cancer. Working in childcare at the time, she was forced to step away due to her weakened immune system as a result.

Years later, Neda went into remission and immediately began to spread awareness for breast cancer. In 2017, Neda was a calendar girl for So Brave, where she posed topless to raise money and share her story to the community.

Unfortunately, the cancer returned in 2019, this time attacking her lungs. But it was around this time that Western United was beginning to form, and this has given Neda the perfect distraction.

Neda came to love football from watching her son, Anton, play locally. She jumped right on board when Western United was announced to represent the communities in Victoria’s western suburbs.

A mother of three and proud family woman, Neda has shared her love of the game and of the Green and Black with her family, bringing her daughter Mara along to her volunteer work and having the whole family support the club.

Western United would like to give special thanks to Neda for her dedication, loyalty and contribution to the club. She has become a staple of the Western United community, a recognisable and caring face who is always putting others before herself.

Her work at the club, even while going through her own personal struggles, is something truly special, and she is appreciated and loved by everyone involved at Western United.

Most importantly, a very happy 50th birthday to you, Neda.