Rudan in positive mood ahead of Western United’s first derby with Victory


Western United Head Coach Mark Rudan says Saturday’s blockbuster derby against Melbourne Victory will be a significant night for the Green and Black. 

United travels to Marvel Stadium to face the Hyundai A-League giants with both sides sharing equal points (four) and goal difference.

“It’s important. We want to put our own flag in the ground,” Rudan told reporters on Friday.

“We’re very clear on our demographics, we’re very clear on our identity, we know who our club represents and who our fans are. And we want them to be proud of us.

“We want them to wear the Green and Black of Western United with pride.

“We’ve got a long way to go but we aspire to be the biggest club in the country. That’s a goal of all of ours.”

United have quickly gained credibility with four points from its opening three games.

Rudan has stressed however that it will take a little longer before the team reaches its full potential.

“There’s a lot that goes on behind the closed doors, or what people don’t see in terms of starting a new club.

“One thing that I stress after three rounds – and I saw what happened to Marco [Kurz, Victory coach] after a couple of rounds – it takes time.

“New coaches, new systems, new ideas, new team… it takes time.”

He added Victory had his respect. 

“We understand that Victory has the biggest membership of any club in the country.

“It’s one [game] I want them [our players] to enjoy. Not many opportunities do players have to play in an atmosphere like that.

“Melbourne Victory has set the bar in the A-League.”


Western United’s next game is away to Melbourne Victory on Saturday, November 2 at Marvel Stadium.

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