Thanks for being with us from the beginning


Together, we’ve finally completed our inaugural season.  And what a season it’s been.  Humanity has been challenged in 2020 beyond anything we’ve experienced and through this we’ve rallied hard and built a passionate, relentless and committed football family.

As we all take time to review this season – this amazing inaugural season – the only thing we should feel is pride in our achievements and excitement for the future of the Western United Football Club.

On behalf of everyone at the Club, I sincerely thank every Western United member that has been with us from the beginning.  You took a leap of faith, backed us in and supported us.  You cheered, you liked and shared, you cried, you travelled.  You are Western United. 

We’ve learnt this year that being green & black is more than just geography – it’s an attitude and a passion.  In fact, we have Western United members in every state of Australia and across seven countries – New Zealand, Italy, USA, Hong Kong, Singapore, Norway and Monaco.   Forever, all 5,720 members will proudly be able to say, I was there from the beginning.
On the pitch, we’ve witnessed something magical this year with the talented players that came together just over a year ago to form the first Western United squad.  To make finals in our first year was the target, to win a final is an achievement we should be immensely proud of in our inaugural season.  

The effort of this playing group across this first season that spanned a staggering 318 days, is nothing short of remarkable.  They have travelled over 13,000 kilometres to play in 13 stadiums across two countries and in five cities and five towns in Australia.  This unique group of players created a foundation for what Western United will be built on for years to come.   When things got harder, they got closer.  When it seemed impossible, they made it happen.

The leadership and commitment to build Western United from our Head Coach Mark Rudan has been exemplary.  On and off the pitch Mark has set standards for performance and his effort in continually building and communicating our narrative to the football world is proof of his unbridled enthusiasm and commitment to growing Western United to be the biggest football club in the country.

The teamwork, support and countless hours put in by the football department, administration, our partners – in particular Wyndham City, Kappa, Probuild, Victoria University and Tasman Logistics and our army of green & black volunteers has been nothing short of phenomenal, and I thank you all for every single effort. 

The participation in match days, school clinics and holiday programs and general support from the community, in particular the 118 football clubs of the west, has underpinned our infancy and we will continue to work together with our community partners to grow not only Western United, but the game of football in our region.

We’re on a big journey with our partners, fans and the community to build the future of football in the west and in the words of our captain, the effervescent Alessandro Diamanti,  “football is unbelievable… it’s a big emotion, football gives you many reasons to keep going”.

And that’s exactly what we do.  We keep going.  We play on.  We dream big.

Our challenge for 2021 is to keep growing and we need everyone to keep championing the Green & Black.  Let’s prove to those who say we can’t – that we can.  Together let’s grow our membership, build stronger partnerships and be more active in supporting the communities of the west.   

I sincerely hope that what we’ve done in this season, during this tumultuous time, has brought you and your family entertainment, some happiness and hope that there’s better times ahead.

Stay united during these tough times, keep in contact via our social channels and get ready because we’re coming back bigger, stronger and better in 2021.  
Jason Sourasis
Western United FC