Western United boosted with TapeDesign Socks partnership

Western United’s players will be boosted on the pitch thanks to a new partnership with TapeDesign Socks as the club’s preferred grip socks supplier.

The partnership will see players wear TapeDesign Socks on matchday if they wish, as well as special training socks emblazoned with the Western United logo and the player’s initials.

TapeDesign Socks are a leading manufacturer of grip socks globally, working with some of Europe’s top talents including a number of England national team players such as Kyle Walker and John Stones, as well as Leicester City star Jamie Vardy and former Barcelona midfielder Ivan Rakitic.

The socks have a stylish design while maintaining supreme comfort in all types of situations and in all different football boots for maximum benefit in a range of conditions and situations.

Western United left-back Dalibor Markovic has been wearing TapeDesign Socks for some time already and said he has been amazed by the quality of the product.

“I’ve been using TD socks for a while now and after using them compared to other brands, I can say that they’re the best grip socks on the market,” he said.

The rubber studs on the sole of the socks provide stability and prime footing that allows for extra speed and agility in explosive movements on the pitch, helping players pick up speed and power against their opponents.

The product provides grip in fast changes of direction and intermittent bursts which makes them perfect for football.

TapeDesign provide short, classic and long sock sizes for all different preferences on the pitch and host a range of different colours to suit any kind of playing kit or boots.