Western United bringing together fans of the west


Western United have been in existence for less than a year, but the Green and Black have begun to resonate with the West’s diverse cultures. 

The ‘Western United Supporters Group’, which has over 2800 Facebook members, is a forum that gives fans the chance to interact with one another, all in support of the Green and Black.

One of the group’s admins, Brooke Muscat, says the positive culture within the group is reflective of the west.

“It’s one big community, we have such a diverse group all coming from different football backgrounds and experiences,” she said.

“The excitement within it and the support being shown not just for the club but support for the people within it has really reflected what the West is about.

“There is such a large number of people in there who are keen to help each other out and just get around each other whilst supporting the team.

Muscat, who attended the club’s first-ever home game against Perth Glory in Round 2 and was there on Sunday against City, has formed new relationships since joining the supporters group and being part of the Green and Black family.

“I am pretty lucky to say I’ve made a lot of new friends thanks to the supporter group and also the Western Service Crew [the club’s active supporters].”

“As soon as I walked into the active end at the game against Perth, I had people who I’d only met online or once or twice at the preseason games saying hello and just being very welcoming in general to everyone who joined in.

“It’s become a lot more than just going to a football match, it’s an opportunity to be a part of a collective who all share a mutual passion for the club and the world game.”


A true ‘westie’, Muscat has been pleased with her experience so far of the A-League’s newest club.

“I am almost certain that every person I have walked past had some sort of Green and Black merchandise on which is something I can’t say I’ve seen before at a sporting event.

“The club put a great deal of effort to really show off the club and its colours, I was really impressed.

“The club have been so great with communicating with the supporter groups and providing us opportunities to engage with the club.

“Whether that’s by looking at our polls to get ideas on what the supporters want or even going to the efforts of allowing one of our group members to toss the coin at our first home game.”


Western United’s next home game is Saturday, November 9  against Western Sydney Wanderers at GMHBA Stadium, Geelong. Kick-off is 7.30 PM

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