Who needs a Christmas party when Western United hosts Melbourne Victory!


That magical night at Marvel still resonates with the Green and Black faithful as Victory head West to face our boys Western United. 

Some Green and Black fans are missing Christmas parties just to be there. But they are all ready to paint GMHBA Stadium green and black for the big game on Sunday. 

The two met in round 4 this season where United came from 2-0 down to win 3-2.

That night at Marvel Stadium will be remembered forever by those wearing green and black.

Here’s what playing Melbourne Victory means to the fans of the West. 

Lulu, aged 10, Sunbury

I loved it! I was right next to the pitch and I was so happy! When we got the last goal I even accidentally threw my mum’s beanie on the pitch and the Service Crew Marshal had to pick it up for me! Whoops!

I’m excited and nervous. But a good nervous. I think we are going to win again! I’m going with my mummy and brother like always. I am missing a Christmas party to come.

Mummy gave me a choice but I am not missing this game! I don’t want to ever miss a game.

Jeremy Waters, Bendigo

Coming up against Melbourne Victory for us is huge. It’s probably the biggest hyped-up game of the season and we love the atmosphere that this sort of game creates.

When we came from behind to beat Victory the entire bay at Marvel Stadium was ecstatic and louder than ever. It was an experience that you can only dream about as a supporter.

It meant so much to everyone who has put the green and black on this season. When that third goal hit the back of the net the passion was clear – you could tell by everyone’s reaction how much it meant to them.

Brooke Muscat, Taylors Hill

That Victory game on November 2nd will be hard to forget. I’ve never seen a better come back live in front of my eyes.

The feeling in the stands with the Western Service Crew was electric when we got that equalizer and then that winning goal. It’s hard to describe what it felt like but I walked away from that game thinking that was the best experience I’ve ever had at a sporting event.

They’re [Victory] the benchmark. I respect Melbourne Victory for what they have achieved.

They have a passionate following and a history that continues to grow stronger and stronger.

To stack up against them on the field is not an easy task because on their good days they are very hard to beat, and on their bad days they’ll still put up a good contest.

To get a win over them again will put a statement out there and I imagine it’ll feel just as good as it did last time.

Shaun Clarke, Colac

After being 2-0 down [in round 4] I thought we’d have to show a lot of grit and determination – and we did.

The minute Diamanti scored our first goal I could sense something special.

I could see how the vision of the club was really coming together and it was there for the whole of Australia to see.

Coming up against Melbourne Victory in Geelong is a dream come true. To have a derby in my local area is something I always thought was possible but never thought would happen so soon.

Tony Gilson, Geelong

My first A-League game in Melbourne [Round 4 vs Victory] was awesome.

To have all our supporters in one area was fantastic – it was like one big family.

Coming up against Victory is the biggest game for our club.

To compete against the biggest club in the A-League is very important, particularly at home.

Eddie Montoya, Tarneit

I wasn’t able to make the round 4 game against Victory. That weekend clashed with my moving day.

But once I saw that we had been able to get the result, I had a sudden burst of energy and felt like I could move another house!

This is the first season that I’ve properly followed the A-League. I’ve always wanted to but never felt connected to either of the Melbourne clubs (Victory and City). 

I do have some friends that are Victory supporters, so if our boys in green can get another result against our local rivals, it will give me the best satisfaction to gloat to my mates.


Bev Ferguson, Ballarat.

Victory are experienced, skilled, Victorian, and motivated to beat us.

They had a lot to prove in Round 4 and gave it their all, and yet we prevailed. Our fighting spirit was born then.

This time is different, and even more exciting. They have seen us play and work hard, they have no doubt studied every moment and have even more to prove. It’ll be hard but we are full of green and black western spirit.

We know who we are and what we stand for. We are ready. Bring it on.

Lindy Bellman, Warrnambool

Seeing our boys play hard and smart to beat ‘The’ Melbourne team with their massive supporters all screaming VICTORY made me proud as from small things big things will grow.

It’s a highlight every week to see them run out in the green and black but against Victory there is a stronger desire to show them that we deserve our place in the heart of all Victorians but especially the WEST.

Jack, Ballarat

Round 4 was incredible. To come back from that against the biggest club in the league was amazing. I couldn’t believe what I saw!

This game isn’t just a big game just because it’s against Victory, but because of how close the ladder is at the moment.

Recent results haven’t been great which puts us in fifth spot with five teams below us within three points. A win is vital to stay up there to fight for the finals spots, and who else better to do it against?


Western United’s next home game is against Melbourne Victory on Sunday, December 8 at GMHBA Stadium, Geelong. Kick-off is 4:00 pm.

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