About The United Football Program

WUFC is more than just a great A-League club (and soon to be W-League club).

The United Football Program (TUFP) enables you to be part of our WUFC team.

WUFC is partnering with community clubs to provide the clubs, their players and families with the opportunity to participate in TUFP events.

The United Football Program has 2 core goals:

1. Support local clubs.

  • We all start out in local clubs and they the heart beat of football.
  • Club volunteers are great, but they are all time poor and in need of help and support.
  • TUFP will provide that help practicality and financially for partner clubs.

2. Support local club players and families.

  • TUFP will be conducting events such as holiday camps, gala days, tournaments, and competitions that players or all abilities can enjoy.
  • These events will be managed and conducted by experienced TUFP staff who have the expertise to deliver very high quality events.
  • Participants in TUFP will become part of our team that takes their experience beyond just the participation in the event.


  1. Can any club become a TUFP Partner?
    Yes. Interested clubs should contact David Clarkson.
  2. Can my child attend a TUFP event if they are not a member at a club?
    Yes, but there may be a rare occasion when a TUFP is exclusive to members of the host club, and that will be made very obvious in the event details.
  3. Can I cancel out of an event and/or get a refund?
    Like all event organisers we have Terms & Conditions that include answers to these questions.
  4. Are the events still on when it rains?
    We will email every parent of a registered player if the event is postponed or cancelled for any reason.
  5. Are food and drinks included in events?
    Generally no. If they are included it will say so in the “Inclusions” of the event. All players should always have their own water bottle and food if required.
  6. Can parents attend TUFP events as spectators?
    Yes, but we ask all parents to be supportive and responsible so please refrain from calling out to the children during the event. Anyone behaving inappropriately will be asked to leave by TUFP staff.
  7. What about covid policies?
    WUFC is committed to complying with all Government rules and regulations including covid restrictions. Therefore all TUFP events will comply with the covid rules and restrictions that apply at the venue at the time the event is taking place.
  8. How do I contact TUFP?
    Send David Clarkson an email.