Western Core

The Western Core was established in 2022, becoming Western United’s first ever active support group dedicated to the Liberty A-League Women squad.

Since then, the Core have been at every single home game in Victoria and have been right behind the girls in green across the country, travelling to the home match in Hobart and both the semi-final and grand final in Sydney.

The Core have a chant ready to be sung for every single player in the squad and they ride every chance, every pass and every tackle throughout the 90 minutes.

A welcoming and inclusive family, the Western Core welcomes anyone who wants to join in and make noise to spur on the girls on the pitch.

The players thrive on the Core’s support and always show the love right back to the fans after a big win.

The best way to join the Western Core on matchday is to become a Western United A-League Women member, just $60 for adults and $30 for kids.

To keep up to date with everything the Western Core is doing, be sure to follow them on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and make sure you get down to a game and join them in the stands.

All together for the west, creating the best atmosphere in the Liberty A-League.