61 Design Kick To Win

Thanks to our partner 61 Design, one lucky member will have the chance to win $1061 cash at every home match. 

To be eligible:

  1. Be a 2021/22 Western United FC Member
  2. The Member must be 18 years and over
  3. Attend a Western United FC home match throughout the season
  4. A Member will be randomly selected once scanned into the stadium
  5. During the half-time break, the Member will be ushered onto the pitch to have the chance to kick for cash
  6. First attempt to kick a goal is taken 61m from the goal line
  7. If successful, the Member wins $1061 cash
  8. If unsuccessful, the Member has a second chance to kick for cash, this time kicking from 16m and having the chance to win $61
  9. To win either the $1061 or $61 the ball must be fully over the line
  10. The cash prize will be awarded directly into the winners chosen account – allow up to 48 hours for transaction to occur
  11. Images of the promotion taking place will be shared on digital platforms posted by either Western United FC and/or 61 Design