Alana Cerne and Adriana Taranto ready to make history with Western United

Western United Women's

Midfielders Alana Cerne and Adriana Taranto will be a part of history on Tuesday when they travel to Tasmania along with the rest of the Western United Women’s Development Squad.

The squad will take part in a curtain raiser match against a Tasmanian Select XI at UTAS Stadium, making history as members of the first ever Western United Women’s match.

The opportunity to travel and play games together is one that the pair is eagerly awaiting, along with the rest of the squad.

“We’re very excited. This isn’t something we really get to do a whole lot, so coming together as Western United for the first time is really, really exciting. It’s such an amazing opportunity for all of us,” Taranto said.

“Last year it was amazing – it was our first time as a group going interstate. This year it’s a bit different, it’ll be great for a change,” Cerne added.

The Calder United NPLW Senior team made the trip to Tasmania last year, so many of the current Western United squad will have that experience in the backs of their minds.

But the difference this time around is that they will be wearing solely the Western United logo and will be representing the Club ahead of it’s A-League Women debut in the future.

“It’s so exciting, we’re very grateful for the opportunity. It’s something we’ve been working really hard for. Being a part of the A-League is what pretty much everyone in NPL aspires to do. It feels special, it feels like you’re part of something that’s growing, and being a part of that history,” Taranto said.

Alana Cerne and Adriana Taranto gearing up for big few months at Western United

Taranto, whose twin sister Melissa will also be in the squad, said the experience is one that will give a teaser of what is to come for many of the girls in the A-League Women.

“For a lot of us girls, getting a taste of what it would be like in an A-League team; travelling, going to the airport in the morning, playing that day in a stadium – when I went there for the first time and saw the grass, I just laid on it because it’s so nice,” she said.

“That’s something we’re not used to, it’s little things like the grass and the stadium that we’re like ‘wow’. If that doesn’t get you excited, I don’t know what would. Definitely getting a taste of that and how it would be in the A-League team is driving everyone to push and work hard to fight for a spot.”

Cerne has relished the opportunity to develop and be able to be one of the inaugural squad members. While the delight is evidently there, she is also remaining grounded and grateful for the opportunity.

“Being able to do that – represent the club for the first time – gives everyone a little bit of a kick and a boost. It’s very good for female football in Australia. We’re excited, but we’re also lucky to be in the position we’re in,” she said.

At just 19 and 22 years of age respectively, Cerne and Taranto have big futures ahead of them alongside the very ambitious future plans of Western United as a whole.

The anticipation is gripping most of the squad, but both insist that the hard work is far from over and the thought of an A-League Women berth on the horizon is bringing about extra motivation.

The Western United Women’s game will kick off at 2pm at UTAS Stadium before the A-League Men side takes on Macarthur FC.

Gates are open at 1:30pm, and all Western United fans are encouraged to come along and show their support while witnessing a little bit of history in the process.

The game will also be livestreamed on Football Tasmania’s YouTube channel.