Hillary Beall prioritising Championship run over individual awards

Hillary Beall Western United

Western United goalkeeper Hillary Beall and head coach Mark Torcaso completed a repeat in the Liberty A-League Women, winning the respective Player and Coach of the Month awards for February.

After the duo won the awards for top performances in January, they were both nominated again and won their individual categories for the second month in a row.

Beall admitted it was special recognition to win the award twice in succession but insisted it has been a team effort to get there.

“It’s a great honour, obviously as you get these awards as a player it means a lot, but honestly, credit to my teammates back there,” she said.

“It’s difficult, and you don’t get that without having a good defence and good results. It’s a team effort.”

February saw United claim two important wins, one in a thrilling top of the table clash against Melbourne City and the other producing a club-record winning margin against Newcastle Jets.

Beall put in arguably her best performance of the season against City, making nine saves on the day including a crucial intervention outside of box just minutes before Sydney Cummings’ eventual winner.

That added to a catalogue of strong performances in the biggest games of the season, and Beall admitted her competitive drive allows her to get up for the important matches.

“I’m a competitor, I like to compete. Those games are fun, I think when you play an opponent in your city, it’s more than just a game. I also like to prove people wrong that Western is a team on top,” she said.

Beall has been working alongside Alyssa Dall’Oste in the goalkeeping union this season, with both shot stoppers making their first ventures into professional football.

While Beall has started every game in goal this season, she said her relationship with Dall’Oste has been key in driving her on the pitch this season.

“I love Lys, we have a great relationship,” she said.

“I think she’s really pushed herself, for me it’s about what I can do to be ready for the team, but also how I can make an impact on her and what I can do to help her.

“She’s a good goalkeeper and I’m looking forward to her future as well, she’s going to be great.”

While Beall appreciates the individual awards, she insists her eyes and those of everyone in the team are set purely on one thing.

“Honestly, we’re set on the Championship, so when you just focus on that, things come. I think it’s just continuing to focus on winning and getting some hardware for Western,” she said.

“For me, honestly, the Championship is the biggest thing here and just being able to celebrate a big season with the girls.”

The Green and Black will face Brisbane Roar before the final bye of the season, following which two matches will remain in the regular season.