Ryan Scott on life as a No.2, penalty shootouts, Hottest 100 tips and his relationship with the fans

Ryan Scott

Western United goalkeeper and fan favourite Ryan Scott joined The Green Room on Football Nation Radio for the first episode of the show in 2022.

Across an extensive chat, Scott discussed how he’s been learning from Jamie Young at the Club and what his goals are for the season, as well as some light-hearted topics including his tips for the Triple J Hottest 100 countdown and his relationship with the Western United fans.

Read some of the key takeaways from Scott’s interview below.

On the team gearing up for its first match in nearly a month

Everyone’s ready to go, everyone’s looking forward to playing. It’s felt like a little bit of a mini pre-season the last couple of weeks. Obviously, we’ve had boys in and out, but we’ve got all hands back on deck now, the morale is high. We’ve started the season well, so we want to get back into the games, and we understand that this will be a busy back half of the year.

On working with Jamie Young and what he has picked up from the A-League Men stalwart

It’s been good working with Youngy, we’ve got a good relationship. He’s been one of the better keepers in the league for a long period of time. Obviously I want to play as well so I’m trying to do my best to get in the team, but also I’m supporting Youngy, doing everything I can to make sure he’s got everything he needs. He’s been playing well, keeping clean sheets which is always good, so yeah – it’s all good coming out of the goalkeeping union at the moment.

On the challenges of being a No.2 goalkeeper and his goals for the remainder of the season

I understand my role, I did this last year and the year before. I’ve been on the bench, and I’m not someone to throw the toys out and huff and puff around. My main goal is to be ready, last year I was ready when I got my opportunity. I feel like I’m training well, and I guess my goal is to be ready, whether I come on in the last five minutes or if I start a match. If you don’t take it, then you give everyone a bit of ammunition for people to say that’s why you’re on the bench.

On who he would have voted for in the Triple J Hottest 100 if he submitted a list

If I was to vote, there’d probably be some DMAs, Spacey Jane, The Terry’s – The Terry’s is a band that I’ve really been getting into the last few weeks. I pick up Walesy in the morning every day so we’ve both been busting out The Terry’s, and I think they’ll have a couple of songs for the first time in the countdown.

On his love of penalty shootouts and trash-talking

I love it. It’s the pinnacle for me. In big games, whether it’s cup finals or Grand Finals – obviously it’s always a knockout game when there’s a penalty shootout. You’ve just got to step up to the moment. 2019 at Bentleigh (winning the NPL Grand Final, making two saves in the shootout) was probably one of the highlights of my career. Just have a go really, you haven’t really got anything to lose, and I think the more you carry on the easier it makes your job. If you get in their heads, their mind starts to wander and they probably think it’s harder than it is to hit the back of the net from 12-yards.

On his special relationship with the Western Service Crew

I support a football club as well, so I’ve travelled for games and I know what it’s like to have an emotional connection to a club. They ride the highs and lows, they pay their money, they work all week and this is a bit of a release for them so I think it’s important to have that relationship with the supporters. We’re still a young club, and they keep turning up so it’s really important for us to give back and get them involved and give them the time of day as well.

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