The West is Ours.

Western United fans Western Service Crew

Western United continues its journey in the A-League Men competition this weekend, but on and off the pitch it is a bigger and far more important journey that the Club is embarking on.

With a stadium and precinct in Tarneit, an A-League Women side and a full academy program all over the horizon, Western United is expanding across the West and takes ownership of its heartland.

Football is built on tribalism, and the biggest rivalries in the game are geographical – Liverpool vs Everton, Boca Juniors vs River Plate, Celtic vs Rangers among others.

Western United is the newest and youngest team in Victoria, but we proudly claim our territory in the West – now and into the future.

And that goes for all of the West. The Club stands with everyone in the West of Victoria, not a single suburb or town, and not just the West of Melbourne, rather casting a wide net to include and unite everyone in the West to be part of the Green and Black family.

The Club is for everyone in the West, whether you’re a seasoned football lover or brand new to the game, United provides a place to feel included and celebrate everything that’s great about the West.

On the eve of our third A-League Men’s season, we have over 7,000 members representing us across 62 postcodes in the West.  And this is just the beginning.

Anyone that doesn’t want in, they don’t have to be. If you’re with us, you’re with us, and if not that’s fine, but we’ll welcome you with open arms if you ever decide to change your mind.

Western United itself is built on the people of the West, the values of the West that make it special – hard work, togetherness, and growth towards getting better each and every day.

The West is vast – its beaches, paddocks, mountains and forests, roads, factories, train lines and homes. And most of all it’s Green and Black, and Western United represents it all. From Moonee Ponds to Footscray, from Newport to Ballarat, it’s ours and we love it.  

We’re building the future of football in the West, but most importantly we are building a family and together we’re ready take it all on.  Tomorrow, we begin again.