Western United announces A-League Women squad numbers

Western United A-League Women

Western United is all set to run out for its first match in the Liberty A-League Women on Saturday, and each player is ready with squad numbers set for the inaugural campaign.

Matildas star Chloe Logarzo will wear the No.6 shirt that has served her well throughout her career with the national team, Bristol City and Sydney FC.

Jessica McDonald will take No.8 and is joined in the final third of the pitch by Hannah Keane with No.9 and Kahli Johnson wearing No.10.

Captain Jaclyn Sawicki will have No.4 on her back this season, something she said resembles a new stage of her career having previously worn No.6 before she had a two-year break from professional football.

“I wore the No.4 to represent the Philippines for the first time so it only made sense to me to keep wearing it. I guess for me, it represents the change throughout my football career,” she said.

Tyla Jay Vlajnic takes the No.19 jersey, which is inspired by the date of her mother’s birthday and her mother’s best friend.

Fellow full-back Julia Sardo also takes birthday inspiration for her squad number, with 24 representing her own birthday in June.

Adriana Taranto wears the No.15 and twin sister Melissa takes No.16, symbolising their first squad numbers with Melbourne Victory and the Under 15 national team respectively. Adriana added that the numbers being next to each other has worked out well throughout their careers.

“We kind of like that it’s one after the other and we always get to sit next to each other in the change rooms. It also makes sense because I was born first!” she said.

Natasha Dakic has held onto the No.14 with which she grew at Calder United, and fellow defenders Sydney Cummings and Alana Cerne will take No.20 and No.22 respectively. In goal, Alyssa Dall’Oste takes the No.1 shirt and Hillary Beall will wear No.21.

Attacker and local Westie Aleksandra Sinclair will wear No.18, a number that she holds close to her heart. It represents her youngest sister, who was born on the 18th and passed away on the 18th.

“I wear it like I am carrying her on my back, always,” she said.

Western United’s Liberty A-League kits, along with some brand-new unique merchandise pieces, will be on sale at the Round 1 clash against Melbourne Victory at City Vista Pavilion and Sports Field, while kit personalisation with your favourite Green and Black heroes will be available at a later date.

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Western United Liberty A-League Women 2022/23 squad numbers

Squad NumberPlayer
1Alyssa Dall’Oste
2Stacey Papadopoulos
3Silver Bell Morris
4Jaclyn Sawicki
6Chloe Logarzo
7Francesca Iermano
8Jessica McDonald
9Hannah Keane
10Kahli Johnson
11Emma Robers
12Harriet Withers
14Natasha Dakic
15Adriana Taranto
16Melissa Taranto
17Raquel Deralas
18Aleksandra Sinclair
19Tyla Jay Vlajnic
20Sydney Cummings
21Hillary Beall
22Alana Cerne
24Julia Sardo