Western United supports A-Leagues Pride Celebration

Western United supports and is proud to be involved in the Pride Celebration which is set to take place across the A-Leagues this weekend.

From Friday 24 February, this Pride Celebration will be held across A-Leagues matches to continue the Australian Professional Leagues’ efforts to create a safer and more inclusive space for all in Australian football.

Western United supports and is involved in this celebration to ensure that everyone connected to the LGBTI+ community feels welcome and safe as part of the Western United family and the broader Australian football community.

There are many people that make our game possible – players, coaches, employees, members, fans, volunteers, and participants. Members of all of these groups of people, without whom our game would not exist, deserve to feel welcome in the football community.

The Pride Cup Organisation survey states that 75% of LGBTI+ people believe an openly gay spectator would not feel safe attending a sporting event. Statistics such as this are why we support the initiative. 

While each club is celebrating Pride in their own way this weekend, all A-Leagues clubs have undergone LGBTI+ education sessions, and all clubs and players have access to platforms to make them feel safer online.

Despite both of Western United’s teams playing in Newcastle across the weekend, there are still a number of ways that the Club’s fans can support the cause without travelling across the border to attend the matches.

It can all start from something as simple as social media interaction. Western United has changed some of its social media imagery to reflect the Pride Celebration, as has the A-Leagues and many other clubs. Engaging in informative conversations supports the ongoing goal of developing further education around this topic.

Growth, Respect and Togetherness are important values at Western United that reflect this initiative strongly. At Western United, we believe that everyone is welcome and everyone should feel loved as part of our family.

Western United encourages its fans to participate in and enjoy the Pride Celebration in any way that they can, and the Club will be feeling all of the fans’ support in Newcastle this weekend.