Meet Western United’s stars: Jonathan Aspropotamitis


Jonathan Aspropotamitis has racked up some incredible experiences so far in his career. 

But did you know the 23-year-old defender was once keen on playing another sport?

Who were your previous senior clubs?

Western Sydney Wanderers, Central Coast Mariners.

Wherever you had most success, where did you like playing best, and why?

Probably the middle part of the time I was at the Wanderers. I was just 21 playing in the A-League and the Asian Champions League. I played plenty of games and got great exposure at a high level. We were on an upward projection, so probably around that time.

Why do you love football? Did you ever consider any other sport?

I was keen on rugby league. I’m a Sydney boy, a Roosters supporter – back to back champions by the way! Me and my mates grew up watching rugby league. It was just the early years of the A-League. But I am the wrong shape for league – I couldn’t tackle to save my life! Way too skinny. I have always enjoyed football though – the beauty, the drama, the elation. So I became a footballer.

Is there anything you don’t like about being a professional footballer – be honest!

There are a whole lot of privileges, you’re a full-time professional getting paid, but there’s uncertainty too. Taking each day as it comes, mental hurdles to get over, contracts, are you playing or not. But overcoming those setbacks is part of the high too.

What are your dreams for your career from now?

I try to take every situation as it presents, I think if you plan too far ahead then you just get wrapped up in the future, rather than today. But it would be a proud moment to play for the national team, and to play at the highest level, wherever that might be. Maybe a World Cup! That sounds a very diplomatic answer, but that’s my attitude. As it comes.

Why Western United? What do you like about the new Club?

I think it was the very first time I was contacted – the messages they were sending through about their ambition for the club, the people they wanted to come in, the hopes for the club for years ahead. You don’t hear such high ambition, sometimes, and it really drew me in.

What do you do when you’re not playing football? Any special hobbies?

I am at uni online – doing a Bachelor of Business Management at UTS in Sydney.

And I read a lot – just pick up a book and relax. I love autobiographies – reading people’s stories and adventures. Big personalities. How did they face their challenges, and embrace their lives?

And just having a coffee with the boys, of course.

Favourite band?

I’ve always been a fan of Coldplay. They’ve always been one of the great bands. And more recently I’m getting into Kanye West! Bit of a difference, there!

Favourite movie?

The Usual Suspects.

Favourite football legend – any country, any era?

I have to say Alan Shearer – one of the first things I had on my wall as a kid was a framed jersey! My father was a Newcastle supporter. He used to support the Magpies in the Western Rugby League – they were black and white as well – so then got into Newcastle and got me into it too when I was little. Shearer is still a legend to me.

Who did you support as a youngster before you started playing football professionally?

Yes, Newcastle. The mighty Magpies! Love ’em!


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