Meet Western United’s stars: new dad Brendan Hamill


You know Western United’s Brendan Hamill on the pitch. Now it’s time to learn what he’s like off it.

Who were your previous clubs? 

Melbourne Heart, Seongnam, Gangwon FC (loan), Western Sydney Wanderers.

Where did you like playing best, and why?

I suppose I won the Champions League with Western Sydney and played over 100 games in front of my friends and family. I’m a Western Sydney boy, so there.

Why do you love football? Did you ever consider any other sport?

It’s just built in me. I feel I was born to play it. I played other things at school but football is my love. My Dad’s Irish, so it’s in the blood.

Is there anything you don’t like about being a professional footballer – be honest!

It can be a bit of – well, the unknown of what you’re going to do. And when you officially can’t kick a football around anymore… that can make you stop and think.

Oh, and pre-season can be a bit long sometimes. But really, I love it. I really do.

What are your dreams for your career from now? 

I love to win. I hate competing and not winning. Coming up short. All the running, and the hard work, and the sacrifice, missing family gatherings. But to finish nowhere, well, that burns me. I’d like to win the league!

Why Western United? What do you like about the new club?

I had a coffee with the coach and he explained the vision of what he’s going to be implementing, philosophy-wise – and he’s been successful.

And I don’t wanna just play for ten years and not win. I want to win, and so does he, and the other players he’s brought in, and how things are operating.

We’re not just here to make up the numbers.

What do you do when you’re not playing football? Any special hobbies?

I’m studying Strength and Conditioning and Sports Coaching. And I’m a Dad, a little boy four months old. That keeps me busy, believe me!

Favourite band? 

I like Billy Joel, Ziggy Alberts, and Chance The Rapper. Gotta say Chance The Rapper.

Favourite movie? 

Sea Biscuit. Watched it loads as a kid. Inspiring.

Favourite football legend – any country, any era?

David Beckham – I’m a big Man U fan, he’s a good man, family man. And I love number 7s. Love him.

Who did you support as a youngster before you started playing football professionally?

Man United. Like my Dad.